Final consortium meeting in Lithuania

HAePPI Project partners met in Kaunas (Lithuania), welcomed by iVITA, on 14-15th September in the last consortium meeting. Project partners had the opportunity of analysing results from the pilot test with more than 80 students and discuss about future improvements in the training course to be implemented in the following weeks. Partners also monitored the … Read more

HAePPI consortium met in Slovenia to launch their e-training course

During the first week of May, HAEPPI consortium met in Styrian Technology Park facilities in Maribor, Slovenia. For two days, project partners checked the current progress of the project. Focusing on the finalisation of the last training materials and the e-learning platform, partners ensured that all materials (such as coursebooks, presentations or quizzes) are now … Read more

HAePPI project participated in 15th International Technology, Education and Development Conference

HAePPI project partners attended last march the 15th International Technology, Education and Development Conference (INTED2021) to present the publication of the paper, based on the first result of HAePPI project: Transferring industry knowledge gaps on Public Procurement of Innovation into learning outcomes for a future Vocational Education Training. This conference was hold at international level, … Read more

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