Event in Spain on “Public procurement of innovation – How could it benefit my company?”

The event was organized by AMUEBLA in collaboration with CETEM, and divide in three sections:

  1. An introduction to introduce the topic of public procurement of innovation and it benefits to companies.
  2. Presentation of HAePPI training, as a tool to boost the knowledge on this topic.
  3. Invited speakers on different training to boost innovation among companies, in green and design skills.

After describing the objective and activity of AMUEBLA cluster, it was introduced the concept of public procurement of innovation and its benefits for companies, and also public administration, to boost innovation practices in companies. Tips and special issues to consider, based on the good experiences analysed in the project, were highlighted in this part of the conference.

In the second part, it was profoundly described the HAePPI project: objective, partnership, methodology to develop the Joint Curriculum and training materials, and finally an exhibition of the e-learning platform, as an opportunity to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to start to work on public procurement of innovation.

After a short break it was introduce three different free and open training activities that could be of interest for participants to enhance their knowledge in green and technical skills with the final objective of being more innovative within their companies.


17.00 Opening and presentation of AMUEBLA

  • Jesús Sanz, CEO AMUEBLA

17.15 Improving innovation in our companies through the public procurement of innovation

  • Josefina Garrido, Innovation director AMUEBLA

18.00 HAePPI: training offer in innovative public procurement

  • Juan José Ortega, Project manager AMUEBLA

18.45 Coffee-break

19.00 Training offer to promote innovation in furniture companies

Chair: Juan José Ortega, Project manager AMUEBLA

  • Environmental Change (Almudena Muñoz, CETEM)
  • 3D4elderly (Tomás Puebla, CETEM)
  • TABLE (Raquel Ortega, AMUEBLA)


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