Event on Public Procurement of Innovation organized by the University of Zaragoza

On 13th September it was organized the HAePPI multiplier event by the University of Zaragoza with the participation of renowned Spanish experts in PPI, both academic and, specially, practice experts. They attracted a significant number of attendees: 22 people external to the HAePPI Project attended the event face-to-face, and 93 people signed up to participate online, of which around 45 people connected to the broadcast on YouTube. Apart from the high number of participants, their quality stands out: public authorities, innovation agencies, consultants, law firms, academics and doctoral students made up the bulk of the attendees.

After emphasizing the importance of PPI as a strategy of public authorities, two cases of use of PPI in the health sector were presented and the virtues of PPI compared to ordinary public procurement were pinpointed, along with the difficulties that arise when deploying PPI processes. These difficulties are, however, surmountable, and PPI better satisfies the needs of the agents involved when it comes to improving the public service through innovative solutions. All of this gave rise to the presentation of the HAePPI Project and its result, the training course, as an offer aimed at providing the agents of PPI, especially SMEs, with the necessary skills.

The feedback received has been very positive, as demonstrated by the results of the satisfaction surveys carried out face-to face (20 surveys) and online (31 surveys) at the end of the event, a total of 51 surveys awakening the HAePPI Project training course with considerable expectation.


9:15 Opening

    • Carmen de Guerrero Manso and Pedro-José Bueso Guillén, directors of the ME


9:30 Innovation Public Procurement as Strategic Public Procurement

    • José María Gimeno Feliu, Professor of Admnistrative Law, University of Zaragoza, and co-director of the Spanish Observatory of Public Procurement


10:00 Use cases in PPI in the Heath Sector

Chair: Carmen de Guerrero Manso, Professor of Administrative Law, University of Zaragoza

    • José Luis Sancho Pastor, Management Sub-director of the Aragon’s Health Service: Clinical University Hospital Lozano Blesa
    • María Bezunartea Álvarez, Management Area Director of the IACS: ROSIA Project


11:00- 11:30 Coffee-break

11:30 Lessons learnt: doing PPI feasible

Chair: Miguel Ángel Bernal Blay, Professor of Administrative Law, University of Zaragoza

    • Analucía Jaramillo Villacís (CORVERS Commercial & Legal Affairs)
    • Adrian Balfagón Montalvo (SILO Science & Innovation Link)
    • Sandra Sinde Cantorna (IDOM)
    • Manuel Antonio Varela Rey (KnowSulting)


13:00 Professionalization in PPI: the HAePPI Project and its training offer

Chair: Pedro-José Bueso Guillén, Professor of Commercial and Business Law, University of Zaragoza

    • Juan José Ortega Gras y Josefina Garrido Lova, AMUEBLA


13:45 Closing



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