HAePPI presented in the Ibero-American Forum on Public Procurement of Innovation

Mrs. Carmen de Guerrero, professor at the University of Zaragoza, and member of the HAePPI team, took part in the IV Ibero-American Forum on Public Procurement of Innovaiton and Open Innovation, hold in Rio de Janeiro.

The focus of this fourth edition was to take advantage of the lessons learned from 10 years of implementation of PPI in Spain in a journey through its complete life cycle: from necessity to deployment, as well as the identification of future challenges and the need to generate public-public, public-private and private-private connections that allow faster progress in an implementation process that is already unstoppable.

Professor de Guerrero participated as speaker in two of the organized round tables, one of them about capacities, where she has the opportunity to present the work done in the framework of the HAePPI project regarding skills gaps analysis and joint curriculum development, besides encourage participants to take a look on the final e-learning course result.

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