HAePPI conference in Kaunas, Lithuania

On September 8, 2022, iVITA cluster invite all members of the health technology cluster to the HAePPI project conference «Procurement of innovative solutions in the health sector and how to cooperate with habitat and other sectors», which will be held in Harmony Park, Prienai district. The conference is intended only for cluster members who are … Read more

New training course on public procurement of innovation available

The HAePPI training course, which will help you understand the public procurement of innovation, is open!  The training course, free and open to anyone interested, offers an estimated 30 hours of training based on five different modules:  Introduction to public procurement in relation to SMEs, where you will get a general overview of this instrument, … Read more

HAePPI consortium met in Slovenia to launch their e-training course

During the first week of May, HAEPPI consortium met in Styrian Technology Park facilities in Maribor, Slovenia. For two days, project partners checked the current progress of the project. Focusing on the finalisation of the last training materials and the e-learning platform, partners ensured that all materials (such as coursebooks, presentations or quizzes) are now … Read more

Register to the upcoming HAePPI online course!

Public procurement accounts for about 19% of GDP in the European Union. It offers an enormous potential market for innovative products and services, being a great opportunity to stimulate growth and jobs. The last European Public Procurement Directives has opened many new opportunities for Public Procurement of Innovation, offering SMEs attractive business opportunities while fostering … Read more

HAePPI training course presented to VET students and teachers in Slovenia

The Styrian Technology Park (STP) organized last february a conference on industrial sustainability and Circular Economy status in Maribor (Slovenia), with the attendance of more than 50 VET students and teachers. Still, special attention was made to HAePPI, to promote the future online course and awareness about the green public procurement and the public procurement … Read more

Innovative Public Procurement Training Event

On Wednesday 23rd March, from 10:00 to 15:00, CPERI is organising a a workshop dedicated to training in the field of Innovative Public Procurement. The aim is to explain in depth to the assistants the benefits of this type of tenders, rules to be followed, the steps to be taken for implementation, as well as … Read more

Market Consultation and Supplier Event for Public Procurement

Vilnius University Hospital will hold a market consultation and supplier event to discuss the hospital‘s needs and market potential to offer  “A smart emergency call and response solution” at the end of the month, anyone interested in taking part is invited to register by November 29th via email: lilita.liaudanskaite@santa.lt  During the event, representatives of Santara clinics will present the functional requirements … Read more

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