HAePPI project presented as an opportunity to boost innovation in Lodz Region

On February 17th, it was organized by the Lodz University of Technology an online event titled «Technology and Innovation Management in the Green Deal Approach in Lodz Region». During the event, the Head of the Public Procurement Centre and Public-Private Partnership at the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Lodz, Dr. Anna Górczyńska, presented the main assumptions and goals of the HAePPI project and it will support current students and professionals to boost innovation in companies.

As part of the meeting, proposals for projects that can be implemented through the cooperation of the Lodz University of Technology with partners from Italy and the business environment will be presented. The topics presented in the Agenda concern various issues that were developed by the students of the Master of Operations Management under the supervision of Dr. Paolo Fiume from CIHEAM – Bari. The projects developed by students are in line with the «New green deal» announced by the European Union and constitute a proposal to establish business cooperation with the Lodz University of Technology and entrepreneurs from Italy.

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