HAePPI provides a complete Joint Curriculum on Public Procurement of Innovation

The HAePPI Joint Curriculum, pillar of the future e-training, has been launched after the approval of all partners and the validation of more than 60 external experts, that have highlighted the high quality of the Joint Curriculum.

The HAePPI Joint Curriculum, based on the previous industry needs analysis, is the result of a cooperative work among all project partners that have design the learning pathway to ensure a good knowledge understating on public procurement of innovation, tailored to current and future workers of the furniture and e-Health sectors.

The Joint Curriculum divided the future learning course on 5 different training modules, with a total of 30 learning hours. Each module is composed by several learning units, that address the previously defined learning outcomes.

More than 60 external experts, from the industry and academia, and more than 6 different European countries have validated the Joint Curriculum through a depth questionnaire in a collaborative activity. Neither of the different training modules and units have received a minor punctuation of 4 out of 5.

The 5 learning modules are:

  1. Introduction to public procurement in relation to SMEs
  2. Public tenders: skills to understand and answer public tenders
  3. PPI & PCP
  4. Tender tracking and support
  5. Project & innovation management

You can have an overview of HAePPI Joint Curriculum through this infographic:


The complete Joint Curriculum is available in downloads section.

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