Webinar presenting results of the European wide benchmarking of innovation procurement investments and policy frameworks

Interested to know how much the public sector in your country invests in adopting innovative solutions compared to other countries, and in which sectors they invest the most? Keen to know if your country already has an action plan, target, financial incentives and a competence center for boosting innovation procurement? Save-the-date for the 12 October workshop that will present the final results of the Europe-wide benchmarking of national innovation procurement investments and policy frameworks.

The European Commission organizes the 12 October the final workshop of the study SMART 2016/0040 that benchmarked the national policy frameworks to encourage innovation procurement and the expenditure on public procurement of innovative solutions in 30 countries across Europe (27 EU Member States, UK, Noway and Switzerland).

The workshop will be organised in online format.

Webinar details and info about the study could be found here: https://ec.europa.eu/digital-single-market/en/news/benchmarking-national-innovation-procurement-investments-and-policy-frameworks-across-europe

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