HAePPI partners and stakeholders validate needs and gaps in Public Procurement of Innovation

Partners of the HAePPI project invited stakeholders to endorse the previously identified needs and gaps in Public Procurement of Innovation.

Based on the previously carried out research, 6 different topics and sub-topics were identified as gaps and needs on PPI for SMEs. What emerged is that SMEs require training in Public Procurement, as well as within more specific topics like PPI, PCP, application process, but also project and innovation management, tender tracking and support.

The endorsement in this case aimed at confirming such needs and gaps by involving external expertise. For this reason, each partner involved different kinds of stakeholders ranging from experts in PPI, regional development to professional associations, public authorities and universities.

A total of 43 stakeholders were involved and were requested to provide their feedback via an online questionnaire. Conclusions set that:

  1. A training course on PPI and PCP is considered as highly necessary, especially in terms of its potential to raise the benefits and competitiveness of SMEs.
  2. Public procurement, market consultation and tender application process followed by expertise knowledge on PPI and PCP are considered top topics on which the HAePPI should mostly focus.
  3. Project and Innovation Management are considered side topics, which can partially encourage effective procurement.

The HAePPI training should also focus on practically providing SMEs with the right tools and individual exercises to properly address such topics. They need to be able to understand administrative procedures, carry out market research, have a clear idea of legal aspects and to be able to network and cooperation with and among other companies.

Below you can access the full report “Endorsement of the researched needs and gaps”.


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