HAePPI project starts its second phase: Joint Curriculum development

Project partners held an online meeting last 2nd November, due to current pandemic situation, to analyse the work results of the first phase about the industry needs and learning outcomes definition, and launch the second one, on Joint Curriculum development.

During the first phase, leaded by AMUEBLA, all partners have worked in close cooperation to identify the current knowledge needs on PPI among the industry, validate them with business association representants and PPI experts, and transfer the defined needs into learning outcomes. All drafted reports are available on the download section of this website.

Now, second phase on Joint curriculum development, leaded by University of Lodz, has started and it is planned to be finished by January 2021. The Joint Curriculum will be developed having as a starting point the already defined learning outcomes. So, during following months project partners will agree on the final Joint Curriculum of future HAePPI e-learning, its training methodology, and validate it with experts on PPI and from the industry sector.

Stay tuned to this website and fill the form on contact section to receive more information about the future Joint curriculum.

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