HAePPI report: Learning Outcomes for a VET course on Public Procurement of Innovation

HAePPI project finalized its first step with the publication of the report on learning outcomes. The aim of this report is to formulate the necessary learning outcomes to be covered in the future HAePPI training programme. Defined learning outcomes are based on the previous reports on knowledge needs and their validation.

Learning outcomes, that describe what students are expected to know, have been defined taking into account the described skills and competencies for those ESCO occupations most related with HAePPI future training, and the identified needs and gaps on PPI for SMEs.

Learning outcomes are defined in the form of knowledge, skills and competencies, and grouped in 6 big topics. This report is the main pillar of the future Joint Curriculum, to be developed in the following phase of HAePPI project.

You can access to the full report on the downloads section.


This report was developed in the framework of HAePPI project, co-funded in the framework of the Erasmus+ Programme. During this week, the European Commission organized the #ErasmusDays, three days of celebration of the Erasmus+ Programme in Europe and beyond. The presentation of this report is part of the programmed events.

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